• 2020: Year In Review

    2020 was quite a year! We’re celebrating the end of 2020 (finally!) by taking a look back on the past year. We cover the nation’s top delivery picks, surprising food trends, and more tidbits to tickle your tastebuds.

    Up & Coming

    People definitely had a hankerin’ for a lot of different options. Appetizers, breakfast, lunch—you wanted it all!

    You Needed Comforting, So We Delivered

    These foods gave us comfort in 2020. Lord knows we all needed it!

    So Many Fascinating Food Facts

    The Boneless Wing was food royalty this year! Defending the saucy nuggs—the Great Wall of French Fries. Now that’s crazy!

    This Caught Us Off Guard

    You guys had the fryers working overtime with all the okra and corndogs you ordered!

    All That Meat Makes Us Thirsty

    Do you know how large blue whales are? Yeah, they’re ridiculous! So with us ordering 13 and a half blue whales worth of meat, that makes us extra ridiculous! Whew, someone get us a drink.

    Your Generosity Is Noticed

    2020 was an incredibly difficult year, but you pulled together and raised almost $30,000 to help those in your communities! Well done.

    Can I Get a Side of Ranch?

    Ranch dressing stole the show as the king of all sauces in 2020. How many swimming pools worth of ranch do you think we could have filled?

    Thank You for a Great 2020!

    What a flavorful farewell to 2020! Our motto for 2021 is New Year, New Food and so we challenge you to branch out and try some new restaurants and dishes you may not have eaten before! Maybe start a new food trend? We’re excited to see the exciting new foodventures to come in the new year.

    Are you hungry now? Go ahead and order, you’ll love it.