• Dear Lafayette

    Dear Lafayette,

    Cher bébé, let’s mange beaucoup.

    Mais bruh, nobody does food like Lafayette. From down home cookin’, to boiled crawfish, to plate lunches, we can’t get enough and we’re guessing you can’t either. That’s why we’re committed to delivering one-of-a-kind leauxcal eats to your door. Here are some of our favorite hidden gems.

    Cafe Culture

    Ema’s Cafe

    Ema’s Cafe won’t disappoint with gumbo, beignets, and more local faves.

    Rachel’s Cafe

    A family-run business with a passion for sharing a cultural experience through food.

    Caffe Cottage

    Burgers, wraps, and fries reign supreme in this cozy, warm, and cheerful place.

    Bread, Burgers, & BBQ

    Broaddus Burger

    “We love making burgers. We offer a burger experience like no other fast food restaurant in town.”

    Bread & Circus

    Real wood-fired Neapolitan pizza and Southern-Italian cooking.

    Johnson’s Boucaniere

    We are proud to be serving boudin along with the best smoked meats and BBQ.

    You know what they say,

    The way to a person’s heart is through food!
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