• Driver Spotlight: Kendra

    What inspired you to begin delivering with Waitr?
    Of all the delivery companies, Waitr had the most professional representation in the delivery service industry so I decided to give it a whirl! Boy am I sure glad I did…best decision I ever made!!

    What’s your favorite part of delivering with Waitr?
    Building great relationships with our restaurant partners, working with an amazing group of fellow drivers that put an exceptional amount of pride into making Waitr great and of course, the INCOME sure is nice too lol.

    What do you think most contributes to your success as a driver?
    My enthusiasm, positive approach with ALL situations and having a CAN DO attitude…it really does determine your altitude!

    What’s a memorable moment you’ve had while delivering?
    Honestly, all moments are memorable delivering! Every delivery has given me an opportunity to either learn something new, grow from a challenge or relish in a customers appreciation for being provided with great service!

    Any other feedback you’d like to share?
    Half measures avail nothing! Always strive to do better and be better by giving it all ya got! You might just surprise yourself, just as I have 😉.