• Eat Free in 2019:
    ‘Click Here Free Waitr All Year’ Giveaway pt. 2!

    Warren BujolContent Lead

    You could eat for free all year just by clicking here!

    A jaw-dropping comparrison of the original Click Here Free Waitr all Year logo and the new one. Trust me, the new logo is much, much bigger.
    (Look at the size of that logo!)

    But this isn’t the same ol’ giveaway you clicked on last year.

    The name’s pretty similar and there will be a lot of clickin’, but as you can clearly see above, this giveaway has a much bigger logo – and a lot more free food! One lucky winner will click here and walk away with $4,000 of free Waitr this year in the biggest giveaway we’ve ever given! So stretch those clickers and enter the ‘Click Here FreeWaitr All Year’ Giveaway Part 2 today!

    Use promo code FREE2019 to enter

    A visual demonstration of how to enter promo code FREE2019 on an iPhone to enter the giveaway. If you’re hearing this, please know that I tried my very best to figure out the accessibility feature on my phone so I’d know what to write, unfortunately, it didn't work. I’m having a hard time just getting back to my settings to turn it off and I’m pretty sure the whole office hates me now because I can’t get it to stop narrating my phone screens. I hope you have a much easier time with the accessibility features on your phone. I think the best way would be to show this image to a friend and have them enter the code for you. I’m sorry I can’t offer more help at this time, but I assure you our engineering team is dedicated to perfecting our accessibility feature to ensure you have the best possible Waitr experience.

    (to win $4,000 of free Waitr)!

    Click on pretty much any of the green text on this page or the button below, and use promo code FREE2019 on every delivery order you place from now until February 1st, 2019. There’s no limit to how many times you can enter, so the more you click here (and use the promo code), the better your chances are of eating for free in 2019! Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary.*

    We hope your New Year’s resolution didn’t involve a diet.

    *Here about the no purchase necessary stuff? Learn more in the official Terms & Conditions.