• Happy National Pasta Day!

    Veronica ShoreAlways hungry.

    Today, you can be your best pastable self.

    Pasta is amazing. There are so many different shapes and kinds, each with a unique name and meaning. How well do you know your pasta? Here’s a handy cheat sheet that illustrates just a handful of the many pasta pastabilities: Considering the wide variety of noodles, toppings and sauces, the combinations are truly endless. And that makes pasta even more amazing.

    Have you ever wondered… If you were a pasta, what would your pasta name be?

    Yes, of course you have.

    What, you haven’t?! Well since it is National Pasta Day, we also put together a handy guide to reveal your pasta name.

    Use the first helpful guide for your first name. The last letter of your first name reveals your new pasta-fied name. So for example, if your name is Kayla, your pasta name is Kaylaroni. Craig? Craighetti. Sarah? Sarahttucchini. Matt? Mattoni. Katie? Katiespaghetti.

    You get the idea.

    If the last letter of your first name is…

    A – roni
    B – ini
    C – aroni
    D – elle
    E – spaghetti
    F – alle
    G – hetti
    H – ttuccini
    I – conchiglie
    J – emelli
    K – aroni
    L – inguni
    M – elli
    N – elloni
    O – recchiette
    P – ellini
    Q – gnocchi
    R – oli
    S – illi
    T – appi
    U – cchini
    V – ioli
    W – aroni
    X – iti
    Y – spaghetti
    Z – iti

    This second helpful guide reveals your sauce based on birthday month. So if your name is Kayla and you were born in January, your pasta name is Kaylaroni Alfredo.

    See how fun and easy this is?

    So if your birthday month is….

    January – Alfredo
    February – Bolognese
    March – Marinara
    April – Carbonara
    May – Pesto
    June – Puttanesca
    July – and Cheese
    August – al Limone
    September – Ragù
    October – fra Diavolo
    November – Primavera
    December – alla Vodka

    What’s your pasta name? Let us know!

    *Note: this pasta name-ification guide is not scientific in any way, shape, or form, and was completely made up on the whim of the author. It is intended to be fun and lighthearted, and if you feel dissatisfied with your pasta name, please note that any outcomes leading to dissatisfaction were completely unintended and we sincerely hope you’ll still find a way to enjoy pasta delivered today on this very special day.

    We’ll also respond to “Waitroli”, but only on National Pasta Day.