• On the Streets with Local Eats: Lake Charles, Louisiana

    In Louisiana, when the fall weather starts to settle in, so does gumbo weather. If you know, you know! Depending on where you’re from, though, you’re going to be partial to either cajun or creole. We wanted to settle the debate (ok, that’s probably not going to happen) and set-out on a road trip to do some gumbo tasting! On our map was Lafayette and New Orleans, but we wanted to kick things off in Lake Charles.

    In the span of 6 weeks, Lake Charles was hit with two major hurricanes, and the devastation caused was massive – but in true Louisiana style, nothing can keep Lake Charles down.

    So to start things off, Brittany and Tommy pay a visit Crust Pizza Co. in our introduction to On the Streets with Local Eats! The 2 couyons (@2couyons on Instagram, ride along!) grab a bunch of pizzas to share with the community as they clean up the destruction caused by Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta.