• On the streets with local eats: New Orleans

    Of course New Orleans is a mecca of choices for foodies of all kinds, but with so many options, it can be hard to decide just where to start. Here’s a guide of favorite’s from our very own design & creative superstar, Kristen! While Kristen now resides in Baton Rouge, her time in New Orleans lended ample coverage of all the city has to offer a genuine foodie.

    Hidden Gem:

    Buffa’s, Esplanade [order now]

    Serves New Orleans classics in a bar setting. Cheap food, cheap drinks, live shows. Almost always has a jazz band playing.

    Best BBQ:

    The Joint, The Bywater

    Serves the BEST bbq in New Orleans. Hands down. Also their Pecan Pie is to die for and a must-get every time.

    Best spot for Foodies:

    St. Roch Market, St. Roch

    An old fish market that was turned into a food hall (sounds gross but really cool on the inside). If you’re thinking of ordering 5 different types of food but can’t decide on one, go here because they’re all in one spot! Really cool place to hang out.

    If you’re feeling classy and spooky at the same time:

    Muriel’s, Jackson Square

    One of many “haunted” restaurants in New Orleans. Super classy. Kinda spooky. Great Shrimp & Grits.


    Drago’s, Metairie (Nola suburb)

    Best Char-grilled Oysters in the city, hands down (they invented it). The Lobster Mac is also a go-to.

    Best Late Night Food:

    Brother’s Chicken, Just about every street corner

    Gas station chicken sounds like a nightmare but it is THE place to go if you want chicken in New Orleans. Open 24/7, greasy, spicy, and you can find a location almost as easily as you can find a McDonalds.

    Baked Goods:

    Dong Phuong Bakery, Chef Menteur Hwy

    During Mardi Gras, people camp out in line here for King Cake, a Vietnamese owned bakery. Super famous with locals.

    Italian Treats:

    Angelo Brocato, Carrollton

    Their gelato is amazing but the star of their menu is their cannolis. They’ve been open for 100+ years and will probably be open for 100 more- their cannolis are that good!

    Getting Buzzy:

    Port of Call, Esplanade

    Forget Hurricanes. Port of Call serves a Monsoon. The analogy is accurate. Don’t fall into your baked potato halfway through your meal.