• The Great 2020 Game Day Shake-Up

    Since 2020 is throwing us for a loop with our game day traditions (among other things), why not shake up the classic eats to really keep us on our toes? Here’s our top suggestions to upgrade your classic game day foods!

    The Classic: Pizza

    We get why it’s a classic. It’s comforting, it feeds a crowd, it’s easy. But there’s always that one person who requests the pie with pineapple then eats all the pepperoni, am I right?

    The Shake-Up: Calzone

    Switch things up with that same Italian comfort but in the form of calzone! Sometime’s NOT sharing is caring.

    The Classic: Buffalo Wings

    If you’re a sauce fan, you know the pull that classic buffalo wings can have on your heart, but they can get tired week after week.

    The Shake-Up: BBQ Ribs

    Still saucy but offers a variety of styles! Baby back? Short rib? St. Louis Style? Pick your poison!

    The Classic: Burgers

    The all-American burger. Some like it basic California style, some like to get fancy with mushrooms and bleu cheese. Either way there’s usually a burger for everyone’s taste. We get this classic order.

    The Shake-Up: Pulled pork sandwich

    Enter the pulled pork sandwich. Equally all-American with its barbecue roots, but a welcome upgrade to your game day feast. Don’t forget to request napkins, you’re gonna need them!

    The Classic: Chicken fingers

    Kids love ‘em, adults love ‘em (even if they don’t want to admit it, we got you) but are they really something to write home about?

    The Shake-Up: Crispy fried chicken

    Now this is something I’m going to be calling mama about. One of those dishes you rarely if ever make at home and is such a delicious indulgence when you let your local chicken spot fry to perfection to your delight!

    The Classic: Cheese fries

    Cheese and fries, it’s quite the match. Ooey gooey cheese atop a bed of salty fries. Does it get any better?

    The Shake-Up: Poutine

    Why, yes. Yes it does. Throw in some cheese curds and brown gravy and this baby will satisfy all of your cravings… and likely your hunger for the rest of the day! Thank you Canada for this gem. Happy Game Day, y’all!