• We Refactored Our Mobile App!
    (Waitr v3.0 Available Now)

    Warren BujolContent Lead

    “Bunch of technical stuff… It’s our biggest update ever!”

    – Waitr Engineering Department
    The confused little guy from above (at least his head) floating in front of a few screenshots of the all-new Waitr v3.0.

    Don’t worry. We have no idea what refactored means, either.*

    We don’t always understand everything our engineers are talking about. But you don’t need a computer science degree to see that the all-new Waitr v3.0 isn’t your average app update. Its faster order flow, improved functionality, and intuitive design will refactor the way you enjoy your favorite local food. Learn more below, or click here to see it for yourself.

    Feast your eyes on just a few of the new and improved features.

    The new Waitr home screen. It's got your favorites, order it again, and restaurants near you right there in plain view. There's even a convenient bottom menu bar!
    • Make it a more personalized experience with Your Favorites, Order it Again, and Near You features  now on your home screen.

    • Navigate the app with ease. Our new bottom menu bar gives you easy access to the restaurant list, search bar, your profile, and more.

    • Refresh the list of restaurants near you with a quick pull down on your screen.
    Our redesigned Group Ordering feature makes splitting the check easier than ever!
    • Start and join orders with ease by tapping the dedicated Group Order icon in the top right corner of the home screen.

    • View order status by tapping the notification received when a Group Order is submitted.

    • Upload a profile picture to show your pretty face in the order review section with the new group member avatars.

    Newer, easier to find search feature!
    • Finding great food has never been faster (or easier) with our new ‘Search’ icon, located in the new menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

    • Add restaurants to your favorites list, right from search!

    • Search for your favorite food items or restaurants and quickly switch between search categories.
    We squeezed the entire checkout process to include delivery and payment details all on one screen.
    • Find the fastest route to your food. Swipe N’ Buy has been replaced with Default Settings, located in the More tab on your home screen.

    • Auto-populate delivery address, phone number, and credit card information at checkout by adding ‘Default Settings’ to your account.

    • Save time with our new checkout flow. Confirm your order details, select tip amount, and place orders all on the same screen.

    Seeing is believing.

    Click the button below to experience all this update has to offer today (no reading required).

    Designed by people who know what refactored means, for people who don’t.

    *It’s the process of restructuring existing computer code – changing the factoring – without changing its external behavior. Refactoring is intended to improve the nonfunctional attributes of the software. We Googled it.