• The Nitty Gritty

    of Driver

    Whether they’re part-time or full time, delivery or technical support, our driver squad is the backbone of our company. They deliver the Waitr experience to your door and without them, we’d still be eating like it was 1999.

    A day in the life

    There’s never a dull delivery when you drive for Waitr and we’re always looking for a few good Delivery Drivers who aren't afraid to observe all traffic laws while delivering great local food to our customers’ doors.

    When our Tech Drivers aren’t picking up orders they’re troubleshooting, maintaining, and replacing Waitr equipment in our partners’ restaurants. They ensure our systems are working properly, so you can enjoy your favorite food more conveniently.

    Welcome to DriverOur Driver app allows you to accept and deliver orders as quickly and easily as possible.

    Track Your TipsDriver shows your tips daily, weekly, and monthly. So you can track your money on the go.

    Track Your DeliveriesFind deliveries in your area and know exactly where to bring them.

    “We don’t just deliver; we create a friendly connection with the customer to let them know how important they are to us. I also love the family-like environment Waitr creates for their employees. I feel just as important as the customer…If any kind of issue arises, on or off shift it’s like the whole company is there to do whatever they can to help you.”


    “I started driving for Waitr to make some extra money while in college and to save up to study abroad. The flexibility of working for Waitr makes it possible for me to be a full-time college student, keep my part-time job as a radio personality, while also having time to study and participate in my other hobbies.”


    “It’s an amazing feeling when a customer opens the door with a huge smile…You simply cannot have a bad day when there are so many people who are so happy to see you. The money is awesome…but knowing you are someone who is very important to so many people…that’s what it’s all about.”


    “Driving for Waitr affords me the opportunity to schedule around my busy life, work with a great team of helpful people and make money at my pace!”


    “I enjoy being a Waitr driver because it allows me to be in control of my own schedule and gives me the flexibility I need.”


    “While driving for Waitr, I get to listen to whatever music, podcasts, or audiobooks I want, all while earning money.”


    “Working for Waitr is an exciting and rewarding experience…to be part of such a revolutionary new company in the service industry; to think about the future, how far Waitr can advance, and how we experience many wonderful restaurants in the area.”