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    Marketing Driver

    Augusta, GA Temporary

    The Marketing Driver continues to report to their city manager.  In addition to their everyday driver duties, the Marketing Driver represents the Waitr/Bite Squad brand(s), with the primary objective of acquiring new customers as measured through code redemptions. They collaborate with their Brand Ambassador (BA), Regional Marketing Manager (RMM), and City Manager/Market Manager (CM/MM) regarding marketing efforts in their market.

    Note, this position is part of a trial program currently scheduled to end on December 31st, 2019, at which point the Company will determine whether and in what form the program may continue. This specific position is an “at-will” position and therefore employment may be terminated by either the Marketing Driver or the Company at any time for any reason.

    Qualities We Look For:

    • Stellar networking skills and the ability to make smart partnerships happen
    • Friendly, patient, works well with others.
    • Organized, and able to follow through.
    • Maintains a clean and professional appearance. 
    • Reliable with scheduling, is on-time and trustworthy.
    • Can communicate information efficiently with charisma. 
    • Observant; able to problem solve, takes direction, and learns quickly. 


    • Manage a balanced driver schedule and marketing schedule supported by the City Manager & RMM to ensure: 
      • Delivery needs are met during peak times of service for the market.
      • Designated areas are canvassed fully.
      • New/rescued  user acquisition goals are achieved.
        • User considered “new/rescued user” if order is placed
    • Elevates the Waitr/Bite Squad brand in assigned market.
    • Works closely with BA to execute marketing strategy, weekly priority tasks, and achieve weekly, monthly, and long term goals.
    • Identifies the Waitr/Bite Squad pitch and goals. Works with BA and other Marketing Drivers to achieve them.
    • Canvass (street team) alongside the BA in designated areas that the RMM has developed.
    • Represents Waitr/Bite Squad at company events, when necessary.
    • Daily check-in with BA (accountability).
    • Accountable for meeting weekly, monthly, and long term goals designated by RMM.

    Performance Expectations:

    • Goals will be based off of the overall customer acquisition goals of the market.
    • Goals will be monitored by the marketing team with feedback provided to the team weekly.
    • Each marketing driver will be provided a unique promo code to be shared and networked through the market; performance will be measured based off of how many times your specific promo code is redeemed within the provided time frame.