• The Nitty Gritty

    of Marketing

    Our Marketing Team has one job: make sure everyone knows how convenient dining can be with Waitr. They are the voice of our brand and the creators of our content. They use unconventional marketing strategies to engage new and existing customers, drive installs, and deliver more food to more doors.

    A day in the life

    The Content Marketing Team handles everything from writing copy to developing global marketing strategies. They create entertaining, yet informative, content to engage users and drive installs.

    Why read about how a product works, or why you should use it when you can watch a 30-60 second video about it? Our Videography Team creates, produces, and edits engaging video content right here in the office, so you never have to read more than you need to.

    Our Graphic Design Team creates and combines images with copy to form aesthetically pleasing representations of our brand. Whether it’s an ad, swag, or video, our Graphic Designers take pride in making it pretty.

    Our Digital Marketing Team produces refined media production, optimized marketing mix integration, funnel analysis, segment targeting, social media engagement, research application, competitive analysis, & efficient resource allocation.

    Waitr's Partner Marketing services make it easier than ever for restaurants to market themselves. Our team of marketers collaborate to uncover restaurant partners' marketing needs, handles the design, production, and execution to increase sales.

    When we say ‘Local Everywhere’, we mean it. Our Regional Marketing Managers assemble and develop teams of local Brand Ambassadors to integrate Waitr into our communities. They control collateral inventory, facilitate local sponsorships, assist restaurant partners, and maximize local marketing efforts.

    Our cross-functional Market Development team develops the strategy to expand and improve market performance across our network. They measure market trends, innovate our growth processes, develop and test strategic growth initiatives, and manage all aspects of new market launches.