• The Nitty Gritty

    of Operations

    We deliver great local food from over 3k restaurants to tens of thousands of customers’ doors every day – and there are a lot of moving parts involved. It’s up to the Operations Team to ensure those parts are running as smoothly as possible.

    A day in the life

    Problem with an order? Our Customer Success Representatives (CSRs) are standing by in our in-app Help & Support tab to help you with your every need. No automated messaging systems, or elevator music. Just real people with a passion for customer satisfaction and a commitment to convenience.

    Our Restaurant Success Managers (RSMs) are dedicated to our restaurant partners. They build and maintain relationships with our restaurants, manage accounts and menus, and ensure our partners’ continued success.

    QC Specialists empower Waitr team members to enhance the quality of their written content. They collaborate with the Restaurant Success team to fine-tune menu efficiency, and they work across departments to edit and advise on text-based communication.

    Our menu photos aren’t created with commercial trickery, props, or embellishments. Just a photographer, a camera, and the food you love fresh from the kitchen. Our Photography Department coordinates shoots, takes photos, and edits them for your browsing pleasure.

    Our Regional Teams are responsible for the day to day operations of an individual market. They hire, train, and schedule drivers to ensure we maintain a high level of service to our customers and partners.

    Our Partner Support Representatives (PSRs) provide customer service for our restaurant partners by helping them manage order volumes, process refunds, and troubleshoot Waitr equipment.