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    We hand-craft the technology that brings your favorite food from the kitchen to your door right here in the office. If you like finding creative solutions to complex problems and have a good sense of humor, you came to the right place.

    A day in the life

    Our highly-caffeinated Engineering Team builds the framework of the Waitr experience one line of code at a time. They maintain all our products, collect data, measure impact, build new features, release improvements, and vet new products to improve our services.

    Our cross-functional engineering teams practice continuous deployment and it’s up to our in-house QA Team to make sure no bugs slip through the cracks. Our QA Team works closely with our engineers to provide our customers with secure and reliable products.

    Our UI/UX team puts the ‘fun’ in ‘functional’. They ensure our products are accessible, user-friendly and satisfying. The UI/UX Team monitor shareholder reactions to updates, runs user tests in coffee shops, and make magic in Sketch.

    Our Product Team prioritizes high leverage work to increase customer loyalty and shareholder value. They work closely with every department to set expectations for product launch and synchronize company-wide efforts for new releases.


    I was going to tell you a really bad bowling pun but I thought I'd spare you.


    People think it's magic; we call it engineering.

    Volleyball Night

    Some spike it hot!

    Ping Pong

    ( •_•)O*¯`·.¸.·´¯`°Q(•_• )

    Poker Night

    Chuck Norris won the World Series of Poker using Pokemon cards.

    Tech Talks

    aka Nerd Talks


    Ale in a day’s work.

    Nerf Wars

    Yippee Ki-Yay Mother F**ker

    Meet our team

    Aaron Lozier

    Solution Architect

    Alex 'The Wizard' Lanclos

    Engineering Manager

    Alexis Bourgeois

    UX Researcher

    Andrew Hebert

    Product Owner - Marketplace

    Benjamin Norwood

    Software Engineer

    Bradley Vincent

    Tech Support Specialist

    Brandon Hawkins

    Technical Support Specialist

    Brett Guidry

    Director of Information Technology

    Bryan Edge

    Technical Support Specialist

    Bryan Fuselier

    Engineering Manager

    Cade Beller

    Software Engineer

    Chris Alexander

    Senior IT Specialist

    Christina Stutes

    QA Specialist

    Cindy Calland

    Software Engineer

    Coco Pahl

    Product Manager

    Cody Hebert

    UX/UI Designer

    Corey Brown

    Software Engineer

    Cory Murray

    Technical Support Specialist

    Jack Laborde

    Software Engineer

    James Mallory

    Software Engineer

    Jeffery Jackson, Jr.

    Software Engineer

    Kelli Landry

    Software Engineer

    Kyle Dufrene

    Software Engineer 💻

    Kyle Gambino

    Senior IT Specialist

    Laney Leger

    Information Technology Manager

    Liam Bass

    Software Engineer

    Matias Pan

    Software Engineer

    Matt Turland

    Sr. Software Engineer

    Nicholas Istre

    Sr. Software Engineer

    Rachel Rodrigue

    UX/UI Designer

    RJ Wheat


    Sean Summers

    Site Reliability Engineer

    Tory Hebert

    Software Engineer

    Travis Boudreaux

    Director of Engineering

    William Shiff

    Senior IT Specialist

    William Zhang

    Software Engineer